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Feminist Engagements with Trade Policy: A Feminist Perspective on Gender Equality and Trade

December 2020

This session, organised by FEMNET at Global South Women’s Forum 2020, explores the question of what feminist trade policy means. It looks specifically at what the AfCFTA is trying to achieve in terms of intra-continental trade expansion and what that means for women beyond gender equality but also in terms of women’s economic rights and […]

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Mobilising for Feminist Trade Justice within the United Nations

August 2020

The movement for feminist trade justice is long-standing and growing. Global South feminists have been ringing alarm bells for decades – providing meticulous analysis on the devastating impact of trade liberalisation, privatisation, and deregulation on poor and marginalised groups of women and demonstrating the inextricable link between the current global trade system, colonialism and imperialism. […]

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Corporate Rights vs Human Rights: A Presentation by Chee Yoke Ling


How do neoliberal economic structures and macroeconomic policies affect women’s rights and gender equality? With the rules of play written by corporates, women’s human rights activists need to be cognizant of the role of international financial institutions and trade agreements. Presented at the Southeast Asia Regional Consultation of the Global South Women’s Forum on Sustainable […]

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Lack of Access, Lack of Care: A Reference Guide to Women’s Right to Health in the International Trading System


IWRAW Asia Pacific Occasional Papers Series, No. 3. 72-page paper in PDF format, written by Liz Sepper. Although the paper’s focus is on trade and women’s right to health, it is also intended to serve as a more general framework of analysis that advocates can apply to trade and any number of economic and social […]

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