We at International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific envision a world in which everyone enjoys human rights and fundamental freedoms on the basis of equality, without discrimination on the grounds of sex or gender, and free of oppressive power relationships, with individuals and societies benefiting from sustainable and inclusive development.

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Post-Bali Reflections: The Insider Strategy

IWRAW Asia Pacific executive director Priyanthi Fernando looks back on her participation at the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting and considers the pros and cons of engaging with neoliberal institutions. (Read her initial post from Bali: Saying It Loud and Clear.) In the hotel in Benoa, Bali, where I stayed with other Civil Society Forum participants, […]

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Care Is An Economic Issue: Addressing Gender Inequalities in Care Work

Ipek Ilkkaracan is Professor of Economics at Istanbul Technical University, a founding member of Women for Women’s Human Rights (WWHR) – New Ways and a member of IWRAW Asia Pacific’s advisory committee. She coined the term ‘purple economy’ to convey the need for an economic model which recognises care work. Without it, the sustainability of […]

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CEDEF Recommandation générale no 30 sur les femmes dans la prévention des conflits, les conflits et les situations d’après conflit: Lignes directrices relatives aux rapports parallèles

Ce document peut aider les groupes travaillant sur les droits des femmes et les organisations de la société civile, qui jouent un rôle prépondérant au sein des États fragiles ou aux prises avec des conflits.

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Four Things to Know about the Purple Economy

A two-page briefing paper outlining Professor Ipek Ilkkaracan’s vision of an economic model which recognises care work.

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A Feminist Approach to Economic Justice

This information brief highlights challenges such as the exploitation of labour and natural resources, the impact of business activities on human rights, and barriers to justice; and describes how IWRAW Asia Pacific works to overcome these obstacles.

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CEDAW Sessions

February-March 2019:

Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Botswana, Bulgaria, Colombia, Ethiopia, Serbia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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July 2019:

Austria, Bahrain, Cabo Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana, Mozambique, Qatar

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October-November 2019:

Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Pakistan, Seychelles

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Calling UK NGOs wishing to engage with their country's #CEDAW review! Here's what you need to know - incl. deadlines: https://t.co/rBhDHhEFkE @AbortionSupport @femfight @migrants_rights @MuslimWomenUK @PFCUKNews @queerresistance @SexWorkHive @Shelter @SistersUncut @Women_Strike
2 days ago
Today for the #16Days campaign, garment workers in #Cambodia share their demands for a safer work environment ✊🏽 #ILOendGBV #16DaysOfActivism #bizhumanrights https://t.co/S5TbJZV563 IWRAW_AP photo
2 days ago
It’s back ON! Join us

SUHAKAM’s World Human Rights’ Celebration,
SUNDAY, Dec 9th, 9.00am
Padang Timur, PJ.

Human Rights is essential for the wellbeing of any nation. Please show your support for @SUHAKAM and human rights. Say that #Istand4HumanRights https://t.co/kiYiHFArva
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3 days ago
Lack of legal status leaves refugees in #Malaysia at constant risk of arrest and detention. Their exclusion from legal employment is a gift to exploitative bosses, and their lack of rights at work makes them more vulnerable to gender-based violence. #ILOendGBV #16Days https://t.co/oSlqxnPROC IWRAW_AP photo
3 days ago
Because GDP primarily considers goods and services produced for markets, much of women's economic activity is eclipsed. In their book, @cpdbd and @manusherjonno analyse women's enormous - yet unpaid and unrecognised - contribution to #Bangladesh's economy: https://t.co/SXrZ3GcGUS
3 days ago
#EnvironmentalRights - Nattaporn Artharn sharing her experience of the ‘Walk for Rights Campaign’ she initiated. She shared: to make a significant #change the 1st thing to do is to bring people affected by same issue together. #StrongerTogether #StopCorporateAbuse #BizHumanRights https://t.co/I0ULeR9Qx8 IWRAW_AP photo