International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific is a feminist organisation committed to the full realisation of women's human rights through the pursuit of equality.
We act to disrupt structures, systems and institutions that violate women's human rights, and we engage in movement building that amplifies women’s voices and activism to create alternative political narratives and spaces.

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Feminists should put the Right to Development back on their agenda

  The Right to Development (R2D) emerged in the 1970s as the hallmark of post-colonial nations’ quest for a fairer economic order. Since its embodiment in the 1986 Declaration on the Right to Development, and despite the long-lived, tumultuous political debate that its recognition provoked between Global North and South countries, developing nations and human […]

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Putting people and the planet at the helm of transformative climate action

This blog post is adapted from an article co-authored by IWRAW Asia Pacific’s Environmental Justice Programme Officer, Marisa Hutchinson, and Fellow, Jhannel Tomlinson. The article was originally published on Open Global Rights.   “For many Global South activists and communities, whose realities are already plagued by climate variability and change, the pledges and actions agreed […]

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Human Security of Women and Girls in the Context of Poverty and Inequality

This submission in response to the call for input by the UN Working Group on discrimination against women and girls was prepared jointly by Intersex Philippines, Society of Trans Women of the Philippines and IWRAW Asia Pacific.

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“The Pandemic is Most Certainly Not Over”: Belgium’s Obligation to Support a Global Public Good Approach to COVID-19 Diagnostics, Vaccines and Therapeutics

Shadow report submitted to the 83rd CEDAW session by Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), IWRAW Asia Pacific and Third World Network (TWN), on behalf of the Feminists for a People’s Vaccine campaign.

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CEDAW Sessions

84th CEDAW Session

Bahrain, Costa Rica, Georgia, Hungary, Mauritania, Norway, Slovenia, Tunisia (February 2023)

86th CEDAW Pre-Sessional Working Group

Argentina, Australia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago (February-March 2023)

85th CEDAW Session

China, Germany, Iceland, Malawi, Nicaragua, Sao Tome and Principe, Slovakia, Spain, Timor-Leste, Venezuela (May 2023)

87th CEDAW Pre-Sessional Working Group

Belize, Cuba, Papua New Guinea, San Marino, Solomon Islands, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Vietnam (May-June 2023)



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#CEDAW: The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women will hold its upcoming session from 6 - 24 February, during which it will review #Hungary, #Georgia, #Norway, #Tunisia, #Bahrain, #Mauritania, #Slovenia and #CostaRica

"We tried to at least negotiate to let the children stay, but they didn't listen." Karen refugees describe their journey in search of safety, and their forcible return to Myanmar by Thai authorities: #EndPushbacks