International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific is a feminist organisation committed to the full realisation of women's human rights through the pursuit of equality.
We act to disrupt structures, systems and institutions that violate women's human rights, and we engage in movement building that amplifies women’s voices and activism to create alternative political narratives and spaces.

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COVID-19: Capitalism’s Mask Has Slipped

It’s Thursday in Kuala Lumpur, the second day of the ‘restricted movement’ which was announced by Malaysia’s new government on Monday night. There has been confusion among the public about whether or not this is the same as a lockdown. On Tuesday night, upon hearing that permits would be required for interstate travel, police stations […]

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“The Police Are Our Real Pimps”: Violence against Sex Workers in the Philippines

On the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (17 December), Sharmila Parmanand discusses the intersections of violence in the Philippines against sex workers and against people who use drugs. Sex workers in the Philippines experience many harmful effects of the war on drugs. It has increased the power of the police over sex […]

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CEDAW Elections: An Introductory Guide

A six-page PDF on the CEDAW election process, including timeline for the 2020 elections, information on regional representation among candidates, and how NGOs can get involved to ensure that CEDAW Committee members have a strong track record of advocating for women’s human rights.

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Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

Work which is typically performed by women is often undervalued and undercompensated. But how can we compare different jobs, especially where the division of labour tends to be gendered? This animated video (4:43), with English subtitles, explains the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, with examples of its application around the world.

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CEDAW Sessions

June-July 2020:

Bahrain, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Mongolia, Panama

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October-November 2020:

Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Senegal, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, Yemen

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Defending Rights in the Time of #COVID19: Women human rights defenders tackle #DomesticViolence in #China: #WHRDs #feminism

"For so long we have been fighting and calling on governments and communities to make ‘homes’ safer for women, children, people with disabilities and minorities." @MSalimu of @FemnetProg makes the case that 'lockdown' or 'stay home' is not gender-neutral:

NGOs call on African governments to act immediately to protect the prison population from #COVID19, including release of prisoners through pardons and amnesties, and suspension of police custody & pre-trial detention for non-violent offences: #LetThemGo