We at International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific envision a world in which everyone enjoys human rights and fundamental freedoms on the basis of equality, without discrimination on the grounds of sex or gender, and free of oppressive power relationships, with individuals and societies benefiting from sustainable and inclusive development.

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CEDAW and Extraterritorial Obligations: Papua New Guinea Activists Highlight Australia’s Role in Human Rights Violations

By Nikta Daijavad At IWRAW Asia Pacific’s most recent From Global to Local training programme, run in parallel to the 70th CEDAW Session, we were joined by two activists from a small group of Papua New Guinea women working to expose the gendered harms of Australia’s largescale extractive industries – which have operated across many […]

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Tough on Crime, Tough on the Victims of Crime: Challenging Harmful Anti-Trafficking Measures

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons was designated as 30 July, to “raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion and protection of their rights.” The United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons approaches the issue from numerous angles, recognising that multiple factors make […]

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NGO Reporting Guidelines on CEDAW & Rights of Women who Use Drugs

Produced in consultation with groups advocating for the rights of women who use drugs, this guide by IWRAW Asia Pacific explains how to write a shadow report to the CEDAW committee regarding the issues they face.

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Leaving No One Behind: The Imperative of Inclusive Development in Palestine

Linking CEDAW with the Sustainable Development Goals in the Palestinian context, this report by the Non-Governmental Women Coalition for the Implementation of CEDAW in the Occupied State of Palestine was written with support from IWRAW Asia Pacific and submitted during Palestine’s inaugural state report to CEDAW.

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CEDAW Sessions

Next CEDAW Session

71st CEDAW Session (October-November 2018): Bahamas, Congo, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Mauritius, Nepal, Samoa, Tajikistan, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

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Next Pre-Sessional Working Group

The 72 Pre-Sessional Working Group will take place from 23 July 2018 until 27 July 2018. The CEDAW committee will consider the State reports of Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Botswana, Colombia, Ethiopia, Serbia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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4 hours ago
We still need Russian interpreters to provide support to activists from Tajikistan at our From Global to Local programme in Geneva! Please share with your networks and help ensure their inclusion at #CEDAW71: https://t.co/wJ9KWm9Lr6 https://t.co/dupZSYus2U IWRAW_AP photo
7 hours ago
Feminism provides new perspectives to the discourse on human rights. Using feminist lenses, we seek to dismantle numerous hierarchies present in the human rights system

Be part of the #Feminists4BindingTreaty webinar that will unpack the UN Treaty on Transnational Corporations👇 https://t.co/jM1dWUyz3b
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9 hours ago
♀ Catch 2 documentaries celebrating #female activists who have courageously contributed to change in #Malaysia & #Indonesia at #FFF2018. Don't miss 'Five Tigers' & 'Rising From Silence' | 30 Sept 2018 | 1.30PM | @PJLiveArts - more info here: https://t.co/FVwhgAzyBX https://t.co/kiRsnLyBUN IWRAW_AP photo
9 hours ago
150+ civil society organizations from around world have endorsed a statement ahead of 1st ever #WFMM2018 in MTL, calling on Ministers to recognize, protect & support women human rights defenders & women’s movements globally! #MinistHER2018 #ProtectWHRD https://t.co/r1EkHCL8OO https://t.co/1QquP9YtY3 IWRAW_AP photo
10 hours ago
Many child widows will have experienced an accelerated journey through major life stages, from being a child to a wife, a mother & a widow, all whilst still children themselves. Read the report from Action on Child, Early & Forced Marriage: https://t.co/87yKulOdj9 #GirlsNotBrides
1 day ago
We still remember #BertaCáceres - the dangers she uniquely faced in her activism as both a woman and environmental defender, and the impunity that still surrounds her death. Environmental women's human rights defenders are consistently the most at risk. #JusticeforBerta #HRC39 https://t.co/nFpFD6LvWm
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