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IWRAW Asia Pacific is an international women’s rights, feminist organisation committed to the full realisation of women’s human rights through the pursuit of equality. Our politics push us to disrupt the forces of anti-rights, right-wing populism and extremism, and corporate and state capture. Together with women’s groups and marginalised communities in the Global South, we challenge structures, systems and institutions that violate women’s human rights, and organise, mobilise and collaboratively build a body of political knowledge and analysis, so as to demand accountability of state and non-state actors.

We root our praxis in feminist values of diversity and inclusion, equality and non-discrimination, respect and integrity, and in the value of recognising the personal strength of women and girls and having faith in ourselves and in other women. Intersectionality is a key part of our advocacy and strategies. We aim in all our work to take into account the multiple forms of discrimination and exclusion that impact the lives of women and marginalised communities in the Global South.


We have no vacancies at the moment; please check back once in a while!


Internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Our internship programme offers successful applicants the opportunity to learn more about women’s human rights issues, CEDAW and related treaty bodies. Interns will also be able to gain skills in the areas of research and advocacy. As much as possible, we try to provide interns with a chance to gain hands-on experience by being involved in our trainings.

Interns are expected to contribute to areas of work relevant to the objectives and strategies of the organisation. This may involve the intern developing position papers on various issues relating to women’s rights; undertaking research, collation and analysis of cases and principles; and contributing to trainings/meetings/consultations in various ways. For examples of intern experiences at IWRAW Asia Pacific, see these blog posts from the Castan Centre: 2020 | 2019 | 2018

Applicants are requested to indicate a preference for interning in one or more of the following areas:

We welcome interns of all nationalities, especially from the Global South. Until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, all internships will be conducted remotely.

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and two or three writing samples to, indicating when and for how long you would be available to intern with us. Please note that we seek a minimum commitment of three months.

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