Influencing the Global Human Rights Agenda

In one sense almost all of IWRAW AP’s work is about advocacy – about advocating for change to ensure that women’s human rights are achieved, and that discrimination is eliminated. This is a long term goal that cuts across all our programmes, and one that IWRAW AP cannot achieve on its own.

Our advocacy is grounded in our capacity to forge national-global linkages. We aim to influence global policies and processes by grounding our advocacy in the national contexts and lived experiences of the Global South women we work with, while at the same time opening spaces to influence global agendas with Global South women’s voices and bringing international experience and standards to bear on national contexts.

IWRAW AP influences the global human rights agenda by employing various methodologies including the development of tools and analysis, training and capacity building, strengthening and leveraging our communications, creating alternative strategic spaces and building alliances and working in collaboration with other members of the women’s human rights movement and other allies.

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