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Women, the State, and the Market in the Philippines: Case Studies on Sex Work, the War on Drugs, and the Conflict in Mindanao

December 2020

This session at Global South Women’s Forum 2020 presents three important conversations in the Philippines that engage with broader struggles faced by women globally: sex work; the war on drugs and its debilitating economic consequences on the poor; and the neglect of women’s needs in fiscal programming in conflict-affected areas. Delilah, a Filipina sex worker, […]

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Intersectional Feminism and the ‘War on Drugs’

August 2020

In collaboration with IDPC Asia, IWRAW Asia Pacific hosted a tweet chat on women and drug policy, featuring NGOs and experts with particular focus on South and Southeast Asia. The discussion has been compiled into a Twitter Moment for easy reading.

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Drug Policy and the Fundamental Human Rights of Women who Use Drugs

June 2020

Routine mistreatment and neglect of women who use drugs violates virtually every major human rights treaty; this report makes particular reference to CEDAW. 41 pages, PDF, by University of Miami School of Law Human Rights Clinic, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, IWRAW Asia Pacific, E.V.A., and Eurasian Harm Reduction Association.

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NGO Reporting Guidelines on CEDAW & Rights of Women who Use Drugs


42-page guide in PDF format for NGOs engaging with the CEDAW review process and providing alternative information to the CEDAW Committee on the theme of rights of women who use drugs. With foreword by Judy Chang, executive director of the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD).

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CEDAW and the Protection of Rights of Women who Use Drugs

April 2017

These PowerPoint slides were prepared by IWRAW Asia Pacific for use at the EHRN Regional Conference on Harm Reduction in April 2017. Beginning with an overview of CEDAW, they go on to discuss good practices and cross-movement alliance building relevant to women who use drugs.

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