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Women, the State, and the Market in the Philippines: Case Studies on Sex Work, the War on Drugs, and the Conflict in Mindanao

December 2020

This session at Global South Women’s Forum 2020 presents three important conversations in the Philippines that engage with broader struggles faced by women globally: sex work; the war on drugs and its debilitating economic consequences on the poor; and the neglect of women’s needs in fiscal programming in conflict-affected areas. Delilah, a Filipina sex worker, […]

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Justice Delayed, Justice Denied: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Women’s Right to Access Justice

November 2020

This paper aims to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted justice systems around the world, with a focus on access to justice for women on issues related to gender-based violence and rights in the family. It forms part of a broader inquiry into the gaps in rights protection being experienced by women at […]

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Intersectional Feminism and the ‘War on Drugs’

August 2020

In collaboration with IDPC Asia, IWRAW Asia Pacific hosted a tweet chat on women and drug policy, featuring NGOs and experts with particular focus on South and Southeast Asia. The discussion has been compiled into a Twitter Moment for easy reading.

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The Struggle for Sex Workers’ Rights

November 2019

IWRAW Asia Pacific worked with the Coalition for Sex and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) to coordinate a tweet chat on sex workers’ rights in the Global South. The discussion has been compiled into a Twitter Moment for easy reading.

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Challenging Employment Discrimination in the Philippines


Maroz Ramos of GALANG Philippines describes the barriers to substantive equality in employment opportunities for women and LGBTQ people in the Philippines, and the advocacy and capacity building carried out by her organisation in order to combat discrimination. Duration: 4:05 Subtitles: English

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Stories of Change: Women’s Economic Leadership and Empowerment in ASEAN Project


A 28-page booklet in PDF format which shares, country by country, key achievements of the Women’s Economic Leadership and Empowerment in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (WEL in ASEAN) project.

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The Status of CEDAW Implementation in ASEAN Countries and Selected Muslim Countries


IWRAW Asia Pacific Occasional Papers Series, No. 1. 36-page paper in PDF format, written by Shanthi Dairiam and based on research carried out by Rea Chiongson and Bandana Shrestha. Covering Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Maldives and Tunisia as well as ASEAN, the paper looks first at the reservations made by States parties upon CEDAW ratification or […]

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