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Disrupting the Global Food Systems towards Advancing Gender Equality, Human Rights and International Solidarity: The Case of South Africa, Brazil, China and Mexico

December 2020

COVID-19 has undermined food security both directly, by disrupting food systems, and indirectly, through the impacts of lockdowns on household incomes and physical access to food. Furthermore, COVID-19 and responses to the pandemic could undermine food production, processing and marketing, but the most concerning impacts are on the demand side – economic and physical access […]

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Comparative Legal Review of the Impact of Muslim Family Laws on Women across Commonwealth Asia and Africa


Article 16 of CEDAW specifically provides for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls in all matters relating to marriage and family relations. Many Muslim-majority countries and countries with significant Muslim minorities are party to CEDAW but continue to hold reservations with regard to family law matters, including Article 16. This 135-page report, in […]

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