Disrupting the Development Sector from the Global South

Disrupting the Development Sector from the Global South

July 2023

On Episode 16 of The Development Hub’s podcast, The Power Shift: Decolonising Development, IWRAW Asia Pacific’s executive director Priyanthi Fernando tells us about her ‘disruptive’ approach to the development sector by continuously asserting Global South perspectives on the work being carried out.

Learn how double standards function when activists and practitioners from the Global South are invited to attend events organised by elites from the Global North, yet practitioners from the Global North very rarely attend events organised and hosted in the Global South. Find out more about IWRAW AP’s annual Global South Women’s Forum, which centers the voices of women from the Global South and provides an open space for them to talk about their needs without donor constraints.

Join Priyanthi in reflecting on what it means to ‘listen’ in order to design interventions which respond to real needs; and in considering the implications of the inaccessibility of international forums, as Brown and Black people from marginalised communities are impacted by border controls and connectivity issues. This highlights the significance of IWRAW AP’s global agenda which is not only anti-racist and decolonial, but also anti-patriarchal and anti-neoliberal.

Duration: 30:43
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