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Challenging Employment Discrimination in the Philippines


Maroz Ramos of GALANG Philippines describes the barriers to substantive equality in employment opportunities for women and LGBTQ people in the Philippines, and the advocacy and capacity building carried out by her organisation in order to combat discrimination. Duration: 4:05 Subtitles: English

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Not Without Us: Calling for Sustainable Development Centered on Human Rights


Activists from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Turkey and Tunisia convened for four days of collective learning on harmonising the sustainable development framework with the human rights framework with a specific focus on the context of the Middle East and North Africa region. The consultation aimed to enhance the capacity […]

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October 2018

Welcome to the evolving tool developed by IWRAW Asia Pacific to identify practical ways of linking the human rights framework and the sustainable development framework. While our focus is on CEDAW and the SDGs, this tool can be used to make links between any human rights instrument(s) and the SDGs. See Leaving No One Behind […]

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The CEDAW Compliance Framework: IWRAW Asia Pacific’s Experience in Six Countries


63-page PDF toolkit outlining the CEDAW Compliance Framework (CCF) Project and experience gained through the project in six countries.

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Realizing Indigenous Women’s Rights: A Handbook on the CEDAW


In its 238 pages, this handbook by Eleanor Dictaan-Bang-oa and Helen Tugendhat outlines the situation of indigenous women in Asia, explains basic human rights principles and how to use CEDAW, and compiles General Recommendations and Concluding Observations relevant to the rights of indigenous women. Published by Asian Indigenous Women’s Network, Forest Peoples Programme and Tebtebba.

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Toolkit for Reporting to CEDAW on Trafficking in Women and Exploitation of Migrant Women Workers


This toolkit, from the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (GAATW), provides guidance to NGOs engaging in the CEDAW review process. It hopes to enable NGO reporting to provide more thorough information on the situation of trafficking in women and the exploitation of women migrant workers and to link these areas of concern with migration, […]

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Guide for Monitoring the Implementation of CEDAW


This framework is designed to assist national-level groups in systematically monitoring improvements in women’s access to justice and equality as a result of their governments’ fulfilment of international commitments towards this end. 42-page PDF, developed through the project Facilitating the Fulfilment of State Obligation to Women’s Equality.

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