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A Human Rights-Based Approach to COVID-19

September 2022

Although the right to the highest standard of health is a universal one, the COVID-19 epidemic did not and does not reflect this. COVID-19 didn’t cause the world’s imbalances, but it didn’t help, either. Neither did the activity (or lack thereof) of individual countries. But there is a way to make States accountable. For the […]

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The Impact of the EU’s Opposition to the WTO TRIPS Waiver Proposal on COVID-19 Vaccines: Sweden’s Duties as a Member State and Extraterritorial Obligations under CEDAW

September 2021

Submitted by Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), IWRAW Asia Pacific and Third World Network (TWN) on behalf of the Feminists for a People’s Vaccine Campaign, this shadow report to the 80th CEDAW session connects Sweden’s extraterritorial obligations under CEDAW to the severe and disproportionate impacts on the rights of women and […]

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