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Feminist Learning Exchange: Defining Retrogression and Capture in the Context of Women’s Human Rights in Asia (FLEX)

April 2022

The Feminist Learning Exchange: Defining Retrogression and Capture in the Context of Women’s Human Rights in Asia (FLEX) aims to consolidate feminist knowledge and analyse the social, political, economic and legal context of women and marginalised groups organising to claim their rights; and to understand how women’s rights groups advocate for the rights of marginalised […]

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Drug policy in Asia: the importance of intersectional perspectives

March 2022

The impacts of drug policies are not the same for every person. They can differ according to ethnicity, gender, sexuality, citizenship and socioeconomic status. Throughout Asia, these differing impacts are seen in the higher rates of incarceration for women, the disproportionate number of people of a particular group targeted by law enforcement operations and on […]

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Promote Prevention, Question Criminalisation: Reframing Responses to Child Marriage

December 2020

This South Asian dialogue, held by Feminist Inquiries into Rights and Equality (FIRE), was supported by IWRAW Asia Pacific as a consortium partner. FIRE project partners from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal, as well as other country partners and allies, provided information on the ground-level realities of child and early marriage (CEM), emphasising […]

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#FIRESpeak Info Hour

November 2020

In its first ever info hour, the Feminist Inquiries into Rights and Equality (FIRE) consortium took a dive into our research on child marriages in South Asia, and shared insights into what was uncovered. This Twitter Moment compiles the contributions to the conversation.

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Comparative Legal Review of the Impact of Muslim Family Laws on Women across Commonwealth Asia and Africa


Article 16 of CEDAW specifically provides for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls in all matters relating to marriage and family relations. Many Muslim-majority countries and countries with significant Muslim minorities are party to CEDAW but continue to hold reservations with regard to family law matters, including Article 16. This 135-page report, in […]

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