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Sex Work is Not Trafficking

July 2021

The conflation of sex work with trafficking leaves sex workers vulnerable to abuse by authorities while discouraging people involved in the sex industry from reporting trafficking cases. Sex workers’ rights activists from South and Southeast Asia describe their experiences and perspectives in this video created in partnership with the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers. […]

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Decriminalise Sex Work

March 2021

The full decriminalisation of sex work is recognised globally as being essential to ensuring the safety, security, and dignity of sex workers. In this video, members of the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) from various parts of South and Southeast Asia talk about the impact of criminalisation on the lives and rights of […]

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From ‘Stop Migration’ to Safe Migration


Pooja of Srijan Foundation and the Jharkhand Anti-Trafficking Network makes the case that there are no benefits to the ‘stop migration’ approach because people will always seek to migrate if there are insufficient opportunities at home, and recommends an end to protectionist policies in order to empower women. With thanks to Ishita Dutta, Meenu Batra […]

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