GEM Starter Kit: Table of Contents

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Gender and macroeconomics starter kit

I. Introduction

Why did we decide to work on macroeconomics and gender equality?
How to use this starter kit

II. What is macroeconomics?

The economy


Conventional theories of macroeconomics

Feminist economics


Further resources

III. How is macroeconomics relevant to women’s human rights?

Feminist criticisms of conventional macroeconomic policies

Macroeconomy is not gender-neutral

Unpaid care work is not included in macroeconomic calculations and not compensated

Work performed by women is seen as dispensable

Privatisation and corporate capture

Decision-making and transparency

Feminist alternatives to conventional macroeconomic policies

Intersectionality and interlinkages

Gender budgeting

A purple economy

The COVID-19 pandemic, macroeconomy and women

A just, green, feminist COVID-19 response and recovery


Further resources

  1. Advocacy pressure points for gender equality and macroeconomics


International advocacy

National advocacy


Optional Protocol to ICESCR

Extraterritorial obligations

Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals

Indicator framework

International- and regional-level advocacy for SDGs

Case study: Georgia and international advocacy for SDGs

National- and local-level advocacy for SDGs

Financing for Development (FfD) process

International financial institutions

International financial institutions: National-level advocacy


Further resources

Annexe I

  1. Basic concepts of macroeconomics

At the international level

Definition and functions of money

Banking system

Exchange rate

At the national level

Economic aggregates

Economic growth

Gross domestic product (GDP)


Real variables vs nominal variables

Interest rate

Policy tools

  1. Fiscal policy
  2. Monetary policy

Government taxation & spending

Tax systems

National budget

Budget surplus

Budget deficit

Debt crisis




Further resources

Annexe II

  1. Main institutions of macroeconomics
  2. IMF
  3. World Bank

General criticisms of the IMF and World Bank

  1. Development banks
  2. Central banks


Further resources


Left ArrowGEM: A Starter Kit on Gender Equality and Macroeconomics Purple Dot IntroductionRight Arrow


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