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Governments and CEDAW

A CEDAW States party report demands much more than a generalised presentation of a country situation on the status of women. It serves as an on-going process set-up by the UN to monitor State compliance with their obligations under the CEDAW Convention. This report is the basis of a review by the CEDAW Committee of State action, and the State has to be in a position to explain its actions. The State, through this report has to show what measures it has taken to identify and eliminate discrimination against women and bring about equality between women and men, what obstacles exist and how it will overcome them in the short-term and in the long-term. The State has to show good intention and be held answerable to the UN to give effect to the commitments it has undertaken internationally. The reporting process constitutes a mechanism for accountability at the international level.

The States party report, however, is more than a procedural requirement set-up by the UN. It provides the means by which the State is able to identify for itself, and in specific contexts, the obstacles and barriers to advance the equality status of women and to plan appropriate time bound interventions to bring this about. At the first level, this report needs to be seen as an internal planning instrument that will guide the State in fulfilling its obligations under the CEDAW Convention. This requires that the report is written honestly and that it takes into consideration the different contexts of women's lives prevalent in the country and identifies specific barriers and interventions relevant to the diverse contexts that exist.

The first or initial report serves as a baseline report on the basis of which benchmarks can be identified for monitoring progress. The subsequent or periodic reports serve to identify progress according to plan.

This section highlights the essential elements of a States party report to the CEDAW Committee, as identified by IWRAW Asia Pacific.

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