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OP-CEDAW Resources

  1. OP CEDAW Resource Guide

  2. OP CEDAW Technical Papers Series

  3. The Occasional Papers Series: Papers No. 12 and 13.

  1. OP CEDAW Resource Guide (available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Nepali, Japanese)

    “Our Rights Are Not Optional!
    Advocating for the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) through its Optional Protocol. A Resource Guide.”

  1. IWRAW Asia Pacific has reprinted a new edition of the resource guide on the OP CEDAW. Click here to download the latest English version (2008) .

    Click here for French version.

    Click here for Spanish version

    Click here for Arabic version [developed in collation with the New Women's Foundation of Egypt]

    Through IWRAW Asia Pacific working in collaboration with various partners there are now Russian, Nepali and Japanese versions of the resource guide.

    • For a Russian version go to our partner’s website KARAT Coalition to download.

    • For a Japanese version go to the JAIWR website for information on obtaining a copy

    • For a Nepali version write to the Forum for Women Law and Development (FWLD)

    This publication seeks to contribute to processes leading to the ratification and use of the Optional Protocol to CEDAW. It will be valuable to women’s rights advocates (e.g. NGOs, academic institutions, individuals, etc.) as well as governments seeking to fulfil their obligations to women under the CEDAW Convention.

    This easy-to-use Resource Guide comes in three sections. Section A provides a general overview of the CEDAW Convention and the Optional Protocol to CEDAW; Section B details the legal, political and strategic dimensions in promoting ratification of the Optional Protocol; and Section C focuses on enhancing advocacy and use of this treaty. There is also a set of handouts at the end of every section, as well as a section with supplementary materials.

    Click above for your free electronic copy of the Resource Guide.

    Buying information

    Print copies are also available at USD15.00 each. Add USD10 for postage costs For further details or to place an order, write to <>.

  2. OP CEDAW Technical Papers Series

    We launched the first in a new series of IWRAW Asia Pacific publications entitled ‘Technical Papers Series on the OP-CEDAW’ in 2009. These papers are intended to support the use of the OP CEDAW mechanism. To follow in this series in 2009 are papers on the admissibility requirements, the inquiry procedure under the OP-CEDAW, and an analysis of certain legal rules under the OP-CEDAW.

    No 1: Overview of the Rule Requiring the Exhaustion of Domestic Remedies Under the OP-CEDAW, by Donna Sullivan. Download

    This paper provides an in depth guide to the exhaustion requirement under the OP-CEDAW to guide NGOs and lawyers wanting to use the OP-CEDAW. In addition to presenting the approach of the Committee to date on the elements of the rule, the paper tries to bring clarity to certain aspects of the rule to which the CEDAW Committee has not yet made definitive views by looking to the jurisprudence of other Committees.

  3. The Occasional Papers Series: Papers No. 12 and 13.

    These papers provide a critical analysis of the cases decided by the CEDAW Committee under the OP-CEDAW to date. The papers examines the reasoning of the Committee in each of the cases and points to some lessons which can be drawn from the approach of the Committee as well as highlights some of concerns in this approach.

    For more details go to the OPS page.


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