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Baseline Reports

Baseline Reports from Facilitating the Fulfilment of State Obligation Towards Women’s Equality
(The Facilitating Project)


1. Violence Against Women: A Baseline Report by Naripokkho and Bangladesh Mahila Parishad


The implementation of the Facilitating Project in India resulted in the production of three baseline reports, namely on armed conflict, rights in relation to marriage and political participation. Common chapters for these reports are forthcoming to provide the readers a general overview on the status of women in India as well as on the constitutional and legal framework of the country.

1. The Status of Women in India by Shantha Mohan (NIAS) and Ruth Manorama (NAWO) (forthcoming)

2. The Constitution and other General Laws in relation to marriage, armed conflict and political participation by Geetha Devi, Advocate (forthcoming)

3. Baseline Report on Women in Armed Conflict Situations in India by the Northeast Network (advance unedited version)

4. Baseline Report on Rights of Women in Relation to Marriage in India by Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (advance unedited version)

5. Baseline Report on Women and Political Participation in India by National Institute for Advanced Studies et al (advanced unedited version)


1. Baseline Report on Inheritance Right of Women by Forum for Women, Law and Development. March 2000 More

2. Inheritance Rights of Nepali Women: Journey Towards Equality by Sapana Pradhan Malla. Published by Forum for Women, Law and Development and IWRAW Asia Pacific. (This is an update of the baseline report published in 2000.)


1. Baseline Report on Women’s Participation in Political and Public Life in Pakistan by Shahla Zia (Aurat Foundation) and Farzana Bari (Pattan). October 1999

Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka Report on Domestic Violence by Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR)

2. A Study of Incest in Central Sri Lanka by Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR)

Note: Both publications are available from CENWOR

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