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New Directions and Focus Areas

Phases of Work from 1993-2007

IWRAW Asia Pacific has worked steadily since 1993 for the progressive implementation of CEDAW. To view these activities and projects chronologically, carried out by year from 2003-2007 click here.

New Phase of work for 2008 - 2010

The implementation of new aspects and focus areas of our programme will be structured around the three programmatic strategies of Building Capacity for Change; Enhancing Realisation of Rights; and Information, Dissemination, Exchange and Application and bearing our past activities, achievements and the present challenges to women’s human rights in mind, IWRAW Asia Pacific now seeks to focus on:

  1. Consolidating the gains of our existing work by:
    • Contribute to creating spaces for national level groups to work towards the implementation of CEDAW nationally and regionally

    • Implement a more strategic information dissemination programme

    • Promote non-discrimination and equality at all levels of government action towards the crafting and effective implementation of laws, policies, and programmes, and securing remedies in cases of violations or non-enforcement of these measures by state and non-state actors;

    • Build capacity for litigation and use of OP-CEDAW;

    • Enhance and expand areas of international advocacy to integrate women’s perspectives of equality and non discrimination into:
      • Work of other treaty bodies by expanding Global to Local to other treaty bodies and charter based bodies and advise Global to Local partners to send their CEDAW shadow reports to other treaty bodies: CESCR, HRC, CRC, CERD and UPR

      • the UN reform processes and treaty body reform

      • Work with Special Rapporteurs including housing and health;

      • Participate in expanding interpretation of standard at the international level by contributing to the drafting of general recommendations (CEDAW, CESCR)

      • Input into the drafting (and eventual ratification and use) of the OP ICESCR.
  2. Expanding our work to include:

    • New Regions: Consolidating our work of strengthening regional and national strategies located in women's realities in South and South-East Asia, facilitating the building of regional strategies for other regions including Pacific, Central Asia and Eastern Europe as well as exploring the possibilities for such outreach and partnerships in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America;
    • New target groups: for building capacity to include:
      • Governments: may include providing technical assistance to governments on the implementation of the Convention; reviewing draft laws and making proposals for law reform; assessing compliance of legal system with convention requirements; developing national plans of action for the implementation of the convention; criteria for data gathering; develop monitoring indicators etc.

      • Lawyers and Judges: building greater substantive understanding of the principles of women’s rights to equality and non-discrimination and their application in the law;

      • National Human rights Institutions: building capacity of NHRIs to engage in the CEDAW review process including monitoring state compliance and reporting to the CEDAW committee;

      • Mainstream Human Rights Organisations: building capacity of mainstream human rights organizations to incorporate a women’s human rights perspective into their work.

  3. New Dimensions of our work :

    • Sharpening the orientation of our programmes towards exploring new ways of addressing the following contexts and rights using the CEDAW framework :

      • Violence against women;

      • Migration;

      • Conflict/post-conflict;

      • Erosion of women’s economic, social and cultural rights in the context of neo-liberal globalisation;

      • Federalism and decentralisation;

      • Reproductive rights;

      • Sexuality;

      • Justiciability of economic, social and cultural rights

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