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Enhancing Realisation of Rights


ERR consolidates existing advocacy work and develops fresh approaches to advocacy. It includes facilitating and engaging in varied levels of national, regional and international advocacy. It focuses on using the Convention’s definition of discrimination and equality to create fresh standards and jurisprudence at the national and international level, and improvements in law and policy. The strategy works to support civil society in expanding normative human rights standards ensuring women’s experiences have an impact on the formulation of international instruments, and strengthen state accountability for the fulfilment of human rights.

Specific Objectives

  • Contribute to institutionalising women’s human rights, creating a culture of respect for women’s human rights and strengthening protection mechanisms nationally, regionally and internationally;

  • To facilitate the claiming of rights by women at the national, regional and international level;

  • Contribute towards a feminist engagement at the international level to support the integration of a women’s human rights perspective into international mechanisms and procedures as well as the mobilisation and representation of a polity of women as rights holders in these processes.


In terms of specific activities this includes:

  • From Global to Local [buat link to G2L page]: Participation of women in the review of their government by the CEDAW Committee including training for women human rights activists in preparation for the CEDAW review, attendance at the CEDAW Committee review process, supporting and strengthening national CEDAW implementation processes, and development of Training and Promotional Materials

  • Building regional processes to support national activism towards the implementation and use of CEDAW through regional consultations and meetings aimed at facilitating the sharing of good practices and challenges and creation of regional alliances.

  • Regional Workshops on Implementation of Concluding Observations

  • Global Campaign for the Ratification and Use of the Optional Protocol to CEDAW (OP-CEDAW) including production of resources on the OP-CEDAW, case law collation, developing analytical briefing papers, technical assistance to the filing of communications and inquiries, activities under regional and national Campaigns and an OPCEDAW Advisory Group Meeting

  • Advocacy on the Optional Protocol to ICESCR (OP-ICESCR) especially, post-adoption, towards it’s ratification and use by women’s groups.

  • Encourgaing women’s access and engagement with international human rights bodies such as the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and other treaty bodies to ensure the inclusion of women’s human rights concerns in these processes.

  • Strengthening Advocacy with regard to UN Reforms including activities to enhance the effectiveness of treaty bodies, Human Rights Council and Gender Equality Architecture Reforms and the creation of a regional complaints body in the ASEAN region.

Please refer to our activities for the year for more details on how we plan to implement these objectives and achieve our outcomes.



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