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Building Capacity for Change (BCC)


BCC develops new ways of building the capacity of organisations and institutions at national, regional and international levels for advocacy and reform. It aims to develop skills in the application of international human rights law, especially on the principles of the CEDAW Convention.

Specific Objectives

  • Strengthen and expand the capacity of women’s groups and networks to claim their human rights and to draw accountability from governments through national, regional and international mechanisms towards the realisation of women’s rights and good governance in contexts specified under Article 2 of the CEDAW Convention and in relation to other contexts such as neo-liberal economic globalisation;

  • Promote non-discrimination and equality at all levels of government action towards the crafting and effective implementation of laws, policies, and programmes, and securing remedies in cases of violations or non-enforcement of these measures by state and non-state actors;

  • Strengthen alliances and collaboration with mainstream human rights organisations, social movements and other key players to sharpen women’s equality and non-discrimination perspectives in their advocacy and strategies; and

  • Develop tools, methodologies, resource materials, training frameworks and resource per-sons to facilitate the implementation of the Building Capacity for Change programme.


In terms of specific activities this includes:

  • Strengthening IWRAW Asia Pacific’s Pool of Resource Persons through Regional Trainings of Trainers and Updating of Concepts and Training Skills Meetings

  • Building a pool of experts for certain tasks

  • Trainings including national CEDAW trainings, trainings for lawyers, shadow report writing and application of the CEDAW framework

  • Developing tools and methodologies for the application of CEDAW including frameworks for the application of CEDAW and materials to supplement our Training Manual

  • Developing new training materials and methodologies for new target groups

  • Developing materials to support litigation as a tool for change

Please refer to our activities for the year for more details on how we plan to implement these objectives and achieve our outcomes.
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