About Us

IWRAW Asia Pacific is the only regional/international NGO working with the CEDAW Convention as a main tool for change in the Asia Pacific. We see a critical role for ourselves in filling the gap between the promise of women’s rights and their actual realisation.

We contribute to the progressive interpretation, universalisation, implementation and realisation of women's human rights through the lens of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and other international human rights treaties. We facilitate a process through which the CEDAW Convention is used as a tool for applying international human rights standards at the national level and in a wide range of contexts (e.g. political participation, armed conflict, rights in marriage, violence against women, trafficking reproductive rights, employment, etc).

The experiences gained have contributed to the development of knowledge and skills, and created a better understanding of the various dimensions of equality, non-discrimination, State obligation, human rights principles (e.g. universality and indivisibility), and a rights-based approach to development.

As women’s human rights advocates enhance the links between their national efforts to achieve CEDAW compliance and with international standard setting IWRAW Asia Pacific needs to continue to provide strategic support This requires increasing our existing knowledge and resource base to enable our national partner organisations to achieve law and policy changes to implement CEDAW duties and obligations and to ensure monitoring of accountability and due diligence.

IWRAW Asia Pacific regularly works in 12 countries in South and Southeast Asia and is expanding into other areas of the Asia Pacific region (e.g. Central Asia, the Pacific). We continue to maintain our the momentum of our regional and international advocacy in various thematic and consultative processes to advance gender equality and women’s human rights, including the Commission on the Status of Women, the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals consultation with civil society and major groups, and participation in the CSO Steering Committee for the Beijing+20 global review. IWRAW AP is also a member of the steering committee of APWAPS (Asia Pacific Women’s Alliance for Peace and Security), working to achieve women’s leadership on peace and security in the region.

We focus on women and women’s rights NGOs, as well as work with human rights.

IWRAW Asia Pacific operates as an autonomous non-profit NGO incorporated in Malaysia. We are accredited by the ECOSOC.

IWRAW Asia Pacific Policies

IWRAW Asia Pacific operates on a strict child protection policy whereby all IWRAW Asia Pacific representatives will be bound by IWRAW Asia Pacific's Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Code of Conduct.