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The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination adopted a General Recommendation on Descent-Based Discrimination, recommending that States parties, among other things, take steps to identify descent-based communities under their jurisdiction which suffered from discrimination; to consider incorporation of an explicit Constitutional prohibition of descent-based discrimination; and to review and enact or amend legislation to outlaw all forms of discrimination based on descent in accordance with the Convention.

It recommended that States parties, among other things, take into account, in all programmes and projects planned and implemented, and in measures adopted, the situation of women members of such communities; and that they take all measures necessary to eliminate multiple discrimination against them including descent-based discrimination.

Further, it recommended that States parties, among other things, monitor and report on trends which gave rise to the segregation of descent-based communities and that they work to eradicate the negative consequences of such segregation.

With regard to dissemination of hate speech, including the mass media and the Internet, the Committee recommended that States parties, among other things, take measures against any dissemination of ideas of caste superiority and inferiority or which attempted to justify violence, hatred or discrimination against descent-based communities.

Regarding administration of justice, the Committee recommended that States parties, among other things, take all necessary steps to secure equal access to the justice system for all members of descent-based communities.

On the subject of civil and political rights, the Committee recommended that States parties, among other things, ensure that authorities at all levels involved members of descent-based communities in decisions which affected them.

And on education, the Committee recommended that the States parties ensure that public and private education systems included, and did not exclude, children of affected communities; and that they reduce school dropout rates of all communities, in particular of affected communities, with special attention to the situation of girls.

Source: Press Release, CERD, 61st session, 23 August 2002, Afternoon


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