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CEDAW Sessions

The CEDAW Committee meets in New York, USA twice a year for three weeks in January/February and June/July to consider reports of States parties and to deliberate on organisational and other matters. Its regular sessions are preceded by the pre-sessional meetings where a smaller group of experts deliberate on the reports and prepare the questions to be posed to the representatives of reporting States parties. From July 1998, the CEDAW Committee began the practice of meeting with NGOs to hear their concerns and to gather inputs for the consideration of government reports.

To overcome the backlog of reports awaiting consideration, the Committee met 3 times in 2006, and will meet 3 times in 2007. The Committee met in parallel chambers at the 36th CEDAW session when they reviewed 15 reporting countries, and again met in parallel chambers at the 37th and 39th CEDAW session.

Upon completion of a review of a State party report, the CEDAW Committee will come up with a set of recommendations called the Concluding Observations.

For the most recent Reporting Schedules, please refer here.
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