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Snapshot of Calendar of Activities 2011






Global to Local Programme 48th session: Bangladesh, Belarus, Israel, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka and South Africa


11 - 12

NGO Consultation with SR on VAW, by APWLD


26 -28

U.K. Training for Shadow Report Writing (Request for Assistance)


24 -25

CEDAW Application Framework: Indonesia – Follow- up and project discussion


27 - 28

Participated in the Discussion with members of the ASEAN Commission on Women and Children (Geneva, Switzerland)


22 - 23

Participated in the Discussion on Human Rights Implications of the ASEAN Community Blueprints Workshop organized by the ASEAN Working Group on Human Rights Mechanisms


7 -8

Panel Discussion at 16th HRC on Culture, Discrimination and VAW (Traditional Values)
(collaboration with VNC,PLD)



Workshop on ASEAN Declaration of Human Rights


2nd Week

CEDAW Application Framework Resource Persons Meeting



Shadow Report Training for Africa: Zimbabwe, Cote d Ivoire and Lesotho


End April

ASEAN People’s Forum (APF) in Indonesia



Technical Assistance on CEDAW for Afghanistan


2 – 20

Thematic Meeting on potential GC on sexual reproductive health with CESCR Committee



Providing support for KARAT’s strategy meeting on Access to Justice with 5 national partners


19 - 21

CEDAW Application Framework Training for Bangladesh



CEDAW Application Framework National Workshop (Indonesia)


22 - 28

Lawyers Resource Package – Pilot Testing


5 - 26

Global to Local Programme 49th Session: Costa Rica, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Italy, Nepal, Republic of (South) Korea, Singapore, Zambia.


1st week

South Asia Partners Meeting: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka


2nd week

Strategic Planning Meeting with stakeholders, advisory groups, Board of Directors and Advisory Committee (Meeting in KL) followed back to back by the Advisory Committee Meeting


4th week

Pacific: Activity with NGOs from Non Reporting States



Participation in the Women’s Caucus Skills Building Workshop


10 - 23

Global to Local Programme 50th Session



Thematic (Lunch) Briefing with CEDAW Committee on trafficking  (supporting GAATW, KIV depending on Committee’s schedule)


2nd week

Lawyers Resource Package – steering group meeting and roundtable


actual dates TBA

Judges Training in the Philippines (Collaboration with Engenderights)


actual dates TBA

Conflict Thematic Briefing: One/two day dialogue with the CEDAW Committee on the elements of a GR on conflict 


3rd week

Operational Planning Meeting for 2012 Activities


actual dates TBA

BCC: Follow-up to SRTOT– Philippines: Capacity Building of State Officials on Sexual and Reproductive Rights

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